Display problem....
[Image: GradiusV.png]
I've tried all the options under graphic section but still get these duplicate screen. Please help...

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hmm, i once had this proplem , you are using old plugins try using the new beta and whats your hardeware speces? and what game u are trying to emulate?.
Zero info from you.How do you expect someone can help you.

"I have problem and that's it"
1.What are your pcsx2 settings
2.What plugins are you using
3.Are you using speedhacks
4.What are your pc specs
5.And most importantly,what's that game,that 6 times repeating planet with some explosion doesn't tell much
wow you guys are fast! 1st of all, I'm totally new to emulators & pcsx2 is my 1st try.
My current testing hardware:

cpu - AMD x3 720 @ 3.4Ghz
board - GA-MA785GPM-UD2H
gpu - none
ram - team xtreme ddr2-1066
os - winxp

all pcsx2 settings are defaults except graphics section which i had tried all available options. My 1st testing game is Gradius v. The screen with konami logo shows up correctly but anything after that is like the screen i posted above.
oh you run it on buildin gpu anyway try softwaremod in gsdx then try the newest beta plugins.

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