Distant texture flickering THPS3
Hey! I've been playing THPS3 lately and it's almost perfect. I'm getting a solid 60FPS and textures look crisp. However there's certain textures ("overlay" textures like grafitti, windows on buildings, sponser stickers, etc) that flicker when the player isn't close to them. It's been driving me crazy! I feel like I've tried everything including skipdraw. The only thing that seems to work is software mode but then I lose scaling. NOT worth it IMO. Running on a 7700k and 1070Ti. Any ideas? Or is almost perfect as good as it gets?

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Tried running the game on OpenGL instead of Direct3D?
Sounds like z fighting
Thanks y'all- I mostly use opengl. I only saw a change using software rendering so no luck there. I googled z fighting and that's exactly what it is. The bad news is getting to the bottom of it can be tricky. Could be any number of hardware/driver/settings not getting along from what I've read. This is the only game I've had this issue with so it may just be a one-off bug. I'll do some digging and post back if I come up with a fix.

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