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Do speedhacks only work if a game is cpu limited?
Or are there any hacks that speed up gpu limited games? Like in MGS3, it would go from 60fps to 40fps just from the post process filtering during certain cut scenes. Is there any way to fix this? Hardware mode seems to run it fine but the post processing has been removed.

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Not really, you can do that with GSdx settings, for example using lower internal resolutions or ticking Allow 8-bit textures. If you enable post processing effects of MGS3 you get abysmal speeds and a mess of green and purple garbage so trust me,you want them off.
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Not sure if asking this would be conisder hjack the thread but, How does one tell if it there GPU or CPU bottleneck/Limiting emulation? Do EE and GS % point to which is culprit?
I'm talking about the post processing used in-game(you only get to see it in SW mode), not the ones you apply in hardware mode. And you can't enable/disable 8 bit textures in software mode.
Yes that's what I'm talking about too.
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