Do you need PixelShader 2.0 to play, or is there and alternative?
Hello, everybody,

I'm new to this emulator, and everytime it starts up, it's says that I need pixelshader 2.0. When I try to configure it, it doesn't give me any options as to what pixelshader I want to use. I read somewhere that I'd need a new graphiccard in that case, so my question is: Is it true the only solution is a new graphiccard, or, is there an alternative?

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You can try the OLD GSdx9 in the 0.9.4 release package.
But i tell you beforehand it will be so slow it will be unbearable. You probably won't be able to upgrade your gfx card because since the pre pixel shaders 2 days the gfx cards where AGP slot while now everything is PCI-Express.
So to keep it short,you'd need a whole new PC to use PCSX2 at respectable speeds.
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well there is an alternative, a software called swiftshader, but it'll be veeeerrryyy sloooowww (like around 2%-12% {that is using it on a P4 i just don't care about the speed Tongue the only thing that i care about is quality, stability and compatibility})

what swiftshader does is emulate the pixel shading (so that means more stuff for the cpu to process). Closedeyes
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