Do you need help with the website?
Hello PCSX2-Team,

i noticed some misalignments on your website and i'm able to fix it or even create a complete new theme / style (whatever you want to call it).
To show you what i mean, i have made a screenshot after hiding some elements to get the 3 boxes from the bottom on screen aswell.

Look at the red dotted lines.

And now another screenshot where it is fixed:


More about me:
I have learned HTML and CSS just for fun almost 12 years ago.
Then i became curious how all those websites do those "magic" things and startet to learn php.
After some time i realised that i need SQL to make some "cool" things but instead of learning that too, i just played around a bit until later.
I have spend a lot of time at my PC but that was nothing compared to some time later Laugh.
Some weeks after the release of php 5, i have startet to learn about OOP (php 4 wasn't realy suited for OOP).
5 years ago my curiosity led me to java script (especialy jQuery and AJAX).

And finally, 4 years ago, i was able to participate in a reeducation to become an Application Developer.
I had to choose from different programming languages and of course, i have choosen php.
So i got even better in programming with php and this time i really learned SQL (along with UML and some realy booring stuff).

Unfortunately i couldn't finish because i was 5 weeks in a hospital (i decided to left, they wanted to keep me there even longer) but i don't want to talk about that.
I'm still recovering but i'll try to get another chance.
Right now i'm starting to enjoy the webdevelopement again and want to offer my help to you.

PCSX2 is an amazing piece of software, i want to thank you for the emulator and give something back to you.
I can't help to improove the emulator because my knowledge in C++ is way too limited but i can help you to improove the website.
That would help me aswell because learning by doing works better for me than anything else.

So if you can use some help, just send me a pm, i'm allmost daily on the forum.

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Well done. I also thought of improving website by asking others to manage games thread. Go here:
But they told that is not possible.

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