Dodonpachi/Espgaluda DVD error and patch request
HEY I FOUND how to stop espgaluda slowdown. set cycle rate speed hack to 1x.... original solution in this thread:

hey dodonpachi dai ou jou is not workin. it goes to "please insert a ps2 disk" screen in bios... for a while it said "error reading iso" or something then "error starting CDVDROM!"

also is there any way you could make a patch to disable shooting animationg from the PC in Espgaluda/Mushihime?? or point me to said patch. most of slowdown is cuz of shooting anim. the game is useless without full speed.

i have latest plugins using lilypad for CDVDROM and version 1888. i have a nice pc tho that is not important..

I have this plugin settings:

Quote:CD-Rom: using Linuz ISO-CD (by far the fastest)

Default sound (SPU-X2)except turn interpolation down to None(fastest)
Graphics: GSDX SSE2, DX9, Blend TFF, All checked except Wait Vsync
CPU: Everything checked, Limit mode for FPS
Speedhacks: 2x cycle, Everything middle checked, Nothing checked on right
Advanced: Clamp Mode: NONE for both. Everything else default

Ibara: More like Iblura. It looks bad on my TV, and looks worse on the HD monitor. It runs perfect, but I personally do not enjoy the game

DDP DOJ: Perfect

This is all the black window writes at all:

[Image: pictqk.png]

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Quote:"C:\Documents and Settings\Lex\My Documents\Downloads\bread.iso" on screenshot.

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