Does God of War 1 run better than GoW2?
I've tried out GoW2 a while ago and. although it ran at full speed for the most part, I got some big slowdown spikes at certain points

I'm thinking about trying the first GoW now, but before that I'd like to know whether it runs better than the 2nd one.

here are the specs of my laptop:
Windows 7 64 bit
CPU: Intel core i5-2410M CPU @ 2.3 GHz

thank you in advance =)

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why not try it out? Tongue

tho i think it will perform roughly the same.
well, "trying" would involve me either trying to find a copy of the game somewhere and then making an image of or downloading it, which would be a huge pain in the ass for a few reasons (namely lack of good hosters and slow internet)

before going to those lengths, I'd be nice to know whether it'd run properly
although this reminds me, it's been a while since I tried GoW2, so it was still on a 0.9... version of PCSX2, but now I have 1.0
could this potentially effect the performance of the game?
(10-02-2012, 01:12 PM)Big_Isaac Wrote: well, "trying" would involve me either trying to find a copy of the game somewhere and then making an image of or downloading it,

be carefull what you say here, we are not supporting pirates and dont give support to them.
i give the better judgement (for this time, but i dont know how mods will react to this, probably a waring+close topic) that you are not a pirate and answer this question only.

i dont know which 0.9 version you were using but since 1.0 it uses a third core so i wouls asum you would get a big speed-up.
GoW1 demands more GPU power than GoW2. CPU requirement is kinda equal, but I have not finished either game on PCSX2 so I'm not sure.
so the game with worse graphics demands more GPU power? the wonders of programming!

either way, I got the game and it's running at full speed for the most part. there's slowdown when a lot is happening at once, but the speedhacks fixed that just fine

however, there's another problem. the game ran crash free up until climbing up Cronos to Pandora's temple.
at the top, there's a save point. if I save at that save point, the game freezes (big deal, right? just don't save there). problem is, when I walk past the save point and cross the rope bridge, the game freezes
here's a screen of where it freezes. it's at the other side of that rope bridge. I assume the game fails to load the next area or something
does anyone have a fix for that?
Known issue.
  1. If you dump the game from the DVD9, the software missed the second layer.
  2. If your ISO is DVD5, it is a bad rip.
well that's inconvenient
I don't suppose there's any way to fix this aside from ripping it over again?
Yes. It's called ps2 or the HD remake on the ps3 Wink

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