Does MCboot let me use any homebrew app via a flash drive?
Sorry if the question sounds confusing, but I'm thinking of buying a memory card off of ebay that has MCboot pre-installed since my other memory cards are full.

And since it has MCboot pre-installed, does this mean I can just stick in a flash drive with ulaunchelf no problem, and get my saves from the second memory card slot?
I think I know what I'm doing.

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UlaunchElf should come installed on the memory card with FreeMCBoot, yeah, just do a PSU copy and then paste the file on your flash drive.If ulaunch is not installed, then you would have to hot swap to a disk with the ulaunch elf file. Of course the make the swap disk you have to insert ulanuch into a disk image with multiple elf files using apache.
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Just a separate note, Ule sometimes has trouble seeing thumb drives, especially larger or newer ones, so if loading mass: doesn't actually show the files on your thumb drive, I'd try another.

I actually have one thumb drive that works in all tested homebrew, so I use it almost exclusively, though most thumb drives should work in Ule.

If you're buying one off of Ebay, I'd recommend one with the "Noobie" package installed, it has most of the stuff you would ever need already on it.

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