Does Overclocking GPU Help PCSX2?
So I've overclocked my CPU to 3.5GHz and I've been really happy with it. I seem to get near perfect 60fps in all the games that I have played but I was wondering if overclocking the GPU might help in graphical intensive parts or in cut scences? I'm guessing it would only help out with places where the graphics load is greater then 90% but I'm not sure.

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no no just try in software mode if its slow try overcloking it a litelle bit more
...or just wait (for updates) till the emu team makes the neccessary optimisations....
Slowness of emulation in some parts may not neccessarily mean that your pc config is slow.
Emulator is still in beta stages, what with the speed of emulator progress, which is nothing short of amazing nonetheless.
it depends... if the CPU % on the top of the window says 99%, it might, if not, it doesn't matter
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Mackoyski has it right on the money, it's not gonna help enough to warrant bothering with it. And you didn't specify what GPU you are speaking of, and that matters alot.
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