Does PCSX2 destroys Hard drive?
Hi, I just installed my PCsx2 and in a few hours my PC died? The hard drive appears to have died and I am very upset. How to properly adjust the PCSx2 next time? I installed it in my Main Disk C: where am I supposed to install it?

My PC specs is MSI Laptop I7 Intel 16bg Ram Nvidia Gtx

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I have run PCSX2 from a usb flashdrive and it didn't kill that.... the odd of it killing a harddrive or SSD are really slim.

A dev can correct me, but I am fairly sure that PCSX2 does not really write much data and mainly reads data and uses your Ram more then any permanent storage (well besides saving settings, memory card data, save states, ect.).
coincidence nothing more
nope.. been running it for longer than I've been a forum member..
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Not to mention, that if there was a risk of the emulator destroying HD's, there would be very clear instructions and warnings to make sure you avoided doing anything that could cause any damage. Trust me, the dev's are smart enough & skilled enough, to not put anyone's hardware at risk
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If PCSX2 stresses anything that would be your CPU, possibly GPU. But in a gaming system that shouldnt even matter as those are made for that.

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