Does anyone know the best settings for Devil May Cry 3 and GTA: San Andreas?
Just a thought, if anyone knows the best settings for either game, that'd be great, because when I tried to play San Andreas, a lot of the graphics off buildings and CJ's face were missing, and DMC3 is flat out slow.

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I play DMC3 with SuperVu recompiler & activated all recommended speedhacks with moderate EE Cyclerate...
Also if your CPU support SSSE3 & SSE41 you can choose any of them from GSDx graphics plugin to get better speeds than SSE2.
You can tick native also in GSDx menu if you have a slower Graphics Card.
The DMC3 settings were alright, some images are still a bit blurry than others.

On the other hand, GTA is *****.

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bump, can anyone help me out here?
In GSDx menu try DirectX11/10 Hardware mode
Firstly please dont bump your posts, if people know, they will answer.

Turn all speed hacks and gamefixes off and check the graphics again, if it's fine, its obviously a speedhack causing it, so you will have to be more relaxed with your settings.
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I'll do those suggestions refraction. and sorry for the thread bumps, if you can, please delete my bump if you haven't already.
If refraction suggestion didn't fix your problem, you can change the SuperVu to microVu as the microVu is more stable than SuperVu.
im using refraction's advice, by turning off speedhacks. if that doesn't work, ill follow yours hallmark.

edit: i followed both, and nothing. :\
i also tried reskull's settings and it eliminated the pixel problems from cj's character model, but the building graphics and floor graphics and all that are ***** up still.

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