Does anyone use the software renderer exclusively?
I'm very curious as to why almost everyone use hardware mode when software is so much more accurate and almost bug free in the graphics department. Switching between the two makes no difference for me with software rendering threads set to 8. Anyone with me on this?

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Software mode is slow by nature and not everyone have high-end CPU.

Also, you'll lose the ability to up-scale, which one of the main reason why people use PCSX2.
as she said. U need a powerful machine

also u are right. Sometimes hardware mode is buggy so u must use sofware mode like in final fantasy x-2 cutscenes
(10-13-2012, 12:11 AM)shiddo Wrote: Sometimes hardware mode is buggy so u must use sofware mode like in final fantasy x-2 cutscenes

Yep, it is automatic now.
Sure, it's accurate, but it also looks like ass on any display with even just a medium resolution.
If you want accuracy, play it on your PS2. Can't get more accurate than that, and the difference in looks between emulating in software mode and simply hooking up your PS2 to a cheap TV card (I still have my WinTV Theater, can get something like that dirt cheap on ebay) isn't all that big.

The big draw of using an emulator instead of the real console is the ability to greatly improve the graphics, and that's something you can only do in hardware mode.

Edit: Just to drive the point home, since I'm playing right now, here's a comparison of a random, not even all that impressive scene between software and hardware mode. So unless you absolutely have to use SW mode (Shadow Hearts for example), why wouldn't you use HW? Smile

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Don't forget about FXAA too. Laugh
Well, I don't know about you all but I much rather have low resolution graphics than high res but with glitches and missing shadows and post processing effects.
Your call then. Wink
You make it sound like the majority of games have vast amounts of ugly glitches in hardware mode. They don't. Unless you're sitting less than half a meter from your screen and actively look for them, I'd doubt you'd notice many of them anyway, I know I don't. Additionally, the assortment of hardware hacks can get rid of some of them or lessen them to the point of not being noticeable again.

Though, as Ice Queen said, it is your call - but my suggestion would be to just run games in HW mode and switch to SW if you come across any glitches that tickle you the wrong way and thus get the best of both worlds. It's literally the press of a button away, I tend to bind it to the Home button on the DS3 for games where I do that (again, Shadow Hearts primarily I guess).
I find it quite annoying actually to have the shadows and post processing effects missing. Like in GoW and DQ8, I can't stand playing them without shadows when I know the real thing has shadows and Okami has the whole watercolor post processing effect missing, which is one of the main attractions of the game.

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