Does gsdx support per game settings?
I always try not to be douche-bag whenever i can, i really think that asking for much more when you've already had so much is a bad thing, as gsdx is a very beautiful and well designed plugin but the problem that i have has been bugging me for a long time. Nearly every time i change a game i have to change the gsdx settings to because as we all know, almost every game requires different performance settings. I have even noticed that you guys even made changing the internal res in version 0.9.7 a lot easier. but it still feels like a lot of work to have to change the settings(mainly internal res) when i change games. Isn't there any way to make gsdx save settings for each individual game and load them up when i change to that game? If not, are there any easier ways or shortcuts to change the internal res settings?
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Theres nothing like that yet, it would be a nice feature for the entire program. The only thing I can think of is making multiple ini files with diffrent settings and then switching between them but that would probably be more of a hassle then changing the settings.
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Not to mention changing the internal res is actually easy... I just use the scalers nowadays and it's just a few clicks away.
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