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Does really PCSX2 can't support core 2 quad ?
As said, for now pcsx2 doesn't use more than 2 cores, except if you use gsdx in software mode but that's another matter. We hope to change that, but it may take months, it may take yeas, it may never happen.

That said, I personally think that if you can afford it, a core i7 is better than getting a dual core right now. After all, more and more things are using quad cores nowadays and I think the time is ripe for buying a quad core.

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(12-27-2008, 06:41 AM)Air Wrote: Pcsx2 runs fine on C2Qs and the new i7 -- It's just not going to be any faster than a C2D of the same ghz rating. This is something we of course would love to improve on in the future, but emulating the PS2 is very complicated and splitting the emulation tasks across many CPUs while still keeping everything in sync is very difficult.

I was just going to say "Jake said that....." then I found you're already here.
btw. that reminds me has anyone tested 6 threads of GSdx Software renderer on an i7 yet? That would be very interesting and if the results are good I would get an i7 maybe earlier than expected. I tested Software renderer on my old Quad a little and it works not bad but more important the compability in graphics is much better.

So if anyone gets an i7 please try out the Software renderer with 6 threads Cool. I would try myself but I hate to change mainboard and ram just because of a new CPU.

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