Does savestate in a new game overwrite the last save from the previous game?
I've been playing Sly 3 - Honor Among Thieves but want to try the another game quick.

I usually use the savestate feature to save the progress in the game but does it remember the save for each game or does it overwrite the previous save for the last game I played?

Thank you for your time.

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Each time you use a save state, it's a per-game savestate.
Be careful and try to use in game save as much as possible since it's far more reliable.
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Each game(not the same game and starting "new game" from the start screen of the current game)have 10 save state slots and a backup slot

For example "Game X" have 10 slot and don't have extra 10 slots when you start a new game from the title screen of the current game on which you used all of your 10 slots but you have another 10 slots if you start another game.

The save state feature don't care if it's your first playthrough or you cleared the game 3 times using clear game data to start a new game plus

Each save state contains the data you have while creating it and starting a new game doesn't make the slot "not used"

If you start a game for the first time and create a save state,then load a memory card save that is your 3rd playthrough and if you load the save state,you will be back to your progress on the "started a game for the first time and create a save state"

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