Does the BIOS you use matter?
I'm just wondering, since I think I technically have a few to choose from if I wanted to put in some extra legwork.

I have the 39001 (or 37001, I forget which, it was the last model before 5.1 DD was added for DVD playback) model PS2, plus the HDD with the FFXI disc that upgrades the drivers to the 50001 model firmware.

Also, my friend has an older (barely running, hacked together with replacement parts, but magically functionalHappy ) PS2, I'm not sure whether it's the original model, but it's an earlier bios than mine for sure.

I also have another friend who owns the PSTwo slim unit with the newer bios than both of ours.

If I copied the BIOS from one of my friends' units, would it make any difference at all in gameplay performance or compatibility?

Speaking of which, is there any way to pull the firmware drivers off of my FFXI/firmware upgrade disc from the files, rather than getting the bios info from the PS2 hardware? (Or was that just a DVD driver and not a BIOS change at all, now that I think of it I'm not really sure...)

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Read the Attention note:

Other than that nope.
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(10-07-2009, 07:20 PM)Shadow Lady Wrote: Read the Attention note:

Other than that nope.

That answers both my questions, and I'll just stick with my own BIOS, since it's working fine already. Smile

Thanks for the quick response!

Ah, I'm confused / lost in the article you mention it talks about configuring the CPU. It says to go to Config -> CPU. My problem is when I look under CPU, I don't see a CPU option. (I'm on 0.9.8.)

What' I'm trying to do is figure out why my Son's Dell XPS 15 (L502X) is running so slow (8-16 fps on DirectX 9 Hardware and 20-24 fps on DirectX 10 Hardware). I'm hoping some adjustment fixes the issue.

NOTE: The problem only occurs at some sections of a game and not all of them. Some sections run between 50 and 65 fps.


Look at the last posted post date(before your),then look at the thread tittle that the link point and then look again at what you posted
Not only did you necro a REALLY old thread, your question was completely unrelated. Use your brain.
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