Does your FFX work?
Bleh, 2nd time trying to write this one out.

Here goes. I'e been playing FFX and I'm at the Al Bhed Home-Where Tidus finds out about the summoner's sacrifice and all that. Only (as I'm sure anyoen interested in this thread gien its title knows) It crashes. Now I'm a schemer myself... I'm not sure whether or not the Joker would hate me...
Anyway I'e been thinking up, just, RIDICULOUS plans to get past this problem ( one of my plans for fiing this.. dilemma is putting my computer on ice the net time I try to run through. ) I figured, though, before I run though any of my kooky ideas, I should at least try this... wild card method (lol, irony).

If any of you FINE men and women of the internet have FFX running... would you be so kind as to, say, take my save file, get me to a save sphere past where I am now (or hey, even a save state), and pass me back the lovely, lovely data?

My feelings of gratefulness would be strong...Excl Strong like my Auron, which if you DO load up, will notice... is quite strong


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There is this AMAZING invention called the SEARCH BUTTON. It took me 20 secs to find these. How stupid to you feel now?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
a little bit... moreso when I admit that I couldn't run the beta properly.... Of course now that I'm thinking so critically I might as well go try that again....

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