Dog s problem
Hi again...Recently i rented dog s life,i play it in ppcsx2 0.9.8.The game starts ok,but it s preety slow,the texture graphics are messed up,and the dog s color is weird,it turned to black,which is not normal...What can i do???

Thank you

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hmm, do you have a screenshot of that?
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Screenshot as Refraction asked. What are your CPU/GPU Specs? EE/GS Percentage when you get slowdown. GSDX Settings etc.
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Don't worry i know what the op is talking about, i have this game.

First, this game is a hell of a EE eater even with this 4,2 Ghz Dual i still can't get fullspeed.
Second, yes the dog turns black and gets all sorts of textures attached to it and the sky and smoke looks weird if you do not run GSDX in SOFTWARE MODE (which is even slower for me).

Another GSDX Hardware mode note is : this game ate all my vram (1GB) in the first 3 seconds of the first scenario when i was using 4x scaling so don't use scaling, run it in native.
use 8bit textures if you want scaling and mtvu to sort out the EE usage.
the game runs worse with MTVU on.
8bit textures had no effect whatsoever.

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