Dolby Prologic II (5.1 Surround Sound)
I have been digging around everywhere trying to figure how to get 5.1 audio to properly work.

In my search I discovered this:

5.1 support is back!
Currently for XAudio2 only, and it's not doing much (Simple copy of the stereo
source to the other speakers).
Gigaherz is already working on a nice, semi - prologic II upmixer though Wink

The log message from here.

Any updates on this and is there still progress being made? Thanks!!

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As far as I know surround sound with SPU2-X works with games that support it. But you need a sound card that has a decoder, so Audigy 2 and up I guess
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Right, games that support Dolby Prologic II sound are supported via SPU2-X's stereo output.
(The other SPU2 plugins don't do the phase right, so it doesn't work.)

As bositman said, you'll have to feed that stereo source to a Dolby Prologic II decoder.
From there it goes to your 6 speakers.

The internal "upmix" option in SPU2-X does not do that yet, you need a working decoder.
Well I have sound blaster x-fi titanium that should be able to decode
it right?
But I only get the same thing out of five speakers, just the stereo repeated. Do I choose stereo then and it will work?
Sorry, I don't know how you need to configure your setup so it actually decodes PL2
(and not just upmixes the stereo source, using some proprietary algorithm).

The way I got it working is by feeding my AV with the stereo source, then select any of the PL2 decoding modes in it.
In the configuration for SPU2-X, do you check the enable audio expansion box, or do you leave it unchecked?
It should be unchecked. That expands 2.0 audio to 5.1 but you're trying to have 5.1 audio to begin with.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Have you got 5.1 discrete surround sound to work aj_hix36?

I also own a Creative's X-Fi Titanium soundcard and 5.1 speakers
but cannot seem to get proper 5.1 sound to work with PS2 games on PCSX2.

I am using one of the latest PCSX2 0.9.7 SVN(r2828) with sound plugin SPU2-X r2789.

If anyone else has had experience with 5.1 sound on PCSX2 please reply =]
Discrete isn't supported, only Pro Logic II is (takes a stereo source and expands it to 5.1, using the surround information encoded in the stereo signal).
The Titanium series X-Fi cards cannot decode Pro Logic. Only the older PCI based ones like the XtremeMusic could upmix Pro Logic if the source was stereo and your speaker setup was 5.1/7.1. The new cards only have CMSS3D upmix which works based on frequency splitting, and its meant for upmixing plain stereo audio, not an encoded one like Pro Logic.

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