Dont Work I Understand
Okey i have this computer and me lagged ...

Computer Information : [Image: computero.jpg]

My Graphic Radeon HD 5850 .... and me lagged Dragonball Tenkaichi Budokai 3 I understand ....

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PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? What FPS did you get?
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30FPS i download **** PCSX2
What are the plugins you are using, how they are configured, which speed hacks have you attempted (if some)?

That game is known as demanding and trouble maker albeit I can't tell more because don't have it, still I'm almost sure you'll need to configure the emulator to use some hacks.

But, 30FPS is in itself a symptom you may have the vertical sync enabled in the catalyst driver, try forcing disable it.

PS: My machine is almost the same as yours, it's able to run most PC games full quality, but we are talking about emulation here and a demanding one. Some games run without problems and without need of hacks and some will lag badly, especially those who do not respond well to the speed hacks.
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Watch : [Image: notgood.jpg]
Download and use 0.9.7 beta:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Bositman o how to dump on PCSX2 only BIOS not PS2 console but PCSX2 ? Tutorial or Guide

this is how to dump the bios from your PS2
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And why not good luck graphic leggs and another ,....
[Image: screenap.jpg]

and now this configuration GSdx 3068 MSVC 15.000 0.1.16
[Image: configs.jpg]

On Two players 30 FPS .
Try it 4x scaling, have you looked at that vsync thing?
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