Dot Hack 1 Infection issue.
This game is noted as playable in compatibility list but i wonder why the emu always crashed when i reached this point
The same issue whether i use new official 0.9.7 version or 0.9.6.
My setting : [Image:]
I use defaults setting other option and no speed hack)
I have played many other game with full speed by pcsx2 so i don't think it is my PC's issue.

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I just have some search in this forum. I used r1888 and enable both microVU0 and microVU1 in CPU config and still have the same problem. Please helpSad
Speedhacks might just be the problem.
It may be a corrupted ISO, try playing that part using the DVD, create a new ISO image if it does.
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I used to crash at the same place, I got it to work by using mVU, been awhile though so it could have been broken in those releases, try the latest svn (I know they aren't supported) and see if it works. Also make sure you arn't using the mVU speed hacks, when I used even one of them it crashed the game. Again that was some time ago though.
Show us your full PCSX2 beta settings so we can help better.

As mentioned before try making a new ISO with an app like ImgBurn, and if you're using save states try from a normal memcard save instead.
I finished this game with the 0.9.7 beta and didn't have much of a problem.
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try using zeroSPU2 for the audio plugin. That's how I beat all of .hack// and .hack//G.U (up to redemption, still workign on it)

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