Dot Hack 3 Outbreak - Code Breaker codes
since I accidentialy sold an item, I would like to get it back through cheating.
I found some Game Breaker codes for that purpose on this site. I'm using PCSX2 v1.5.0-dev-2210-gc783b6d7b for Windows x86.

I decrypted the necessary codes with Omniconvert v1.1.1 and wrote an .psnach file with PCSX2CE.

From my understanding the first code is necessary for the code to even function (?).
The second code is constructed from item #28 here (1A5FB26F 0000????) and 0042 (Item: Time Sandals).

It yielded the following file:
gametitle=Dot Hack 3 - Outbreak
// Enable Code (Decrypted from 9A7C45F4 18AF5260)
// Equip Time Sandals to Kite (Decrypted from 1A5FB26F 00000042)

I saved the content as 0001171A.pnach in the cheat folder of PCSX2. When the game starts the file is loaded, as PCSX2 mentions it in it's log file.

Found Cheats file: '0001171A.pnach'
Loaded 1 Cheats from '0001171A.pnach' at 'E:\emulator\ps2\pcsx2\pcsx2-v1.5.0-dev-2210-gc783b6d7b-windows-x86\cheats'
Overall 1 Cheats loaded

Unfortunally the equipment of the main character (Kite) doesn't change. I also tried to replace an Item in my inventory.
Tried to convert from Code Breaker Version 1+ and Version 7+. Nothing seems to work.

Can someone help me with this?


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You don't need the Master/Enable code.

As for the codes, you converted them wrong. Make sure you're using the proper format of CB. They aren't CBv7+ codes.

Proper code will be:

//Kite: Equip Time Sandals

If it still doesn't work, then the code just doesn't work and could just be a faulty code.
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Ok, I tried the new code. It really seems to be faulty, as it still isn't working.
Still, thank you for your help!
you could just add it to cheat engine. Since I love cheat engine and that code is correct. Manually add the address 20A46F26 and set it to 2 bytes or one byte. If the other part is correct set the value to 42. If that value doesn't work use 66.
Also that could just add the item to that slot at a value of 0. So you may need top find the quantity and set it to 1 for equipment and up to 99 for tiems.
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