Dot Hack G.U. Vol 1 runs slow
First of all, Dot Hack starts up and also i am not a very computer savy guy so PLEASE dont use to much "computer talk" with me because i wont be able to understand you.

Well dot hack runs, but im unable to play it because the frames per second is extremely low. around 10 - 25 frames per second low. and the audio is choppy with it. ive tried poking around the video settings for pcsx2 and i dont know how any of the works so nothing has changed or it gets slower. i use this game as an iso because i got it from my friends actual game. if someone could please explain to me how to make dot hack run smoothly without the audio being hcoppy or the frames being slow id appreciate that very much.

my computer is a HP laptop. i dont knwo the specs or whatever but i do know it can play, most steam games and WoW on good. so its not my graphics card.

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Can't compare emulation to native platform games, two different fruit Tongue

Find your laptop's model number, then we can find the specs from there. Usually it's on a sticker, laptop companies love plastering stickers.
and as a side note. WoW plays on 12 year old PCs. its requirements are VERY low
and using the game from your friend is not allowed as long as you don't own the physical copy at the same time.

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