Dot Hack Infection has some egregious audio popping. I've tried everything!
I'm trying to play .Hack//INFECTION and when skipping through the dialogue or just randomly when dialogue begins or a new scene shows theres this robotic garbled crackling/popping that happens and it's very noticeable.

I've tried changing the audio latency, changing it to cubic/direct sound, I've tried different TVs and even completely different PC's. Not to mention I've tried pcsx2 version 1.6, 1.4 and 0.98

Is anyone able to help me with this issue or have had issues with it before? I'm goin nuts wanting to play this game but the crackling brings me right out of my immersion.

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Tried the daily development builds?
(08-12-2021, 11:26 PM)RedDevilus Wrote: Tried the daily development builds?

I have not. Going to in the morning, hopefully it works. I'm not sure what would be changed to fix it though but yes I'm gonna try.
Just tried it, has the exact same audio issues.

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