Dot Hack Quarantine
Hey all!

I posted a few months ago but due to work I fell out of playing. Yay 3am wake up calls!

I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out creating a money pnach for Dot Hack quarantine?

Or point me in the right direction to one.

Mine looked good someone said but I have no idea why they weren’t working.

I save within the game and not using outside save states.

Any help much appreciated. I don’t need anything but money, but if that can’t be done an unlimited item code would work so I can consistently sell it.

Thank you much!

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got a question...i been played the whole trilogy in .hack i didnt do money hack in quarantine episode..the only cheat i do is unlimited data drain w/o infection...i wonder why you need unlimited money in what any-reasons?
im curious and it's there is no reason to need that money cheats in the final episode.

P.s.-->FF15 need a hell of gil starting chapter 9...and gil of hell-hard to farm.

//quick money gain
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The code you posted looks like it is encrypted (codebreaker ver 1). Do encrypted codes work? I thought they had to be RAW.
No,you have to decrypt it(I can't do it right now)and FFFF for value will vive you only 65535 money
Change the value to 000F423F for 999999(I don't remember what was the max in that game)
That code in RAW is:

//quick money gain
I like to buy a ton of the scrolls and trade easily. Hardworking when I wake up at 3am? Naw lol.

Thank you guys!

I thought I decrypted it but I must not of, I’m so sorry.

Still all new to this.

I will utilize both your codes tomorrow as I will not have access to the game til then. 3am tomorrow again!

I’ll let you all know and thank you again for the help. I’m so excited to play again, I luckily kept my originals in perfect condition in a binder. They go for so much now I’ve found.

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