Dot hack GU Vol 2: Black screen
Im running on pcsx 9.9 and I get a black screen before the fight with Sakaki at moon tree. The screen would go black and the fps will stay at 59 (anything after the decimal changes). I was just wondering if the game itself could be at fault here and not my settings.

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depends on what you get in the emulog.TXT.
Can you post it after you get that black screen, please ?
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I played through GU with ZeroSPU2, but that's been a while. let me dig up my bug report and try that

(I KNOW this is old, if it matches I may be able to help you fix it)
Okay ill check ur link Saiki and ill post the emu text thing later on today. Currently half asleep right now Tongue 3:17 AM
just bear in mind this was done on revision 720, in 2009. pcsx2 1.0 is revision 5350. I have not tested this game in some time, but if that bug still exists I know a few things that can be done to fix it
Thank you for taking the time to answer my thread. I used the new PCSX2 1.0 and it works fine however, I notice that in some areas I drop fps where as in PCSX2 9.9 SVN ~4617 I run perfectly fine. (same settings) Is there something new in this version I should know that may effect my performance?

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