Dot hack series.
I would KILL to have the older dot hack games working, on PCSX2.

Have there been any problems that make it impossible?

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You may want to try pcsx2 playground, and possibly the latest pcsx2 playground rbeta too.

I heard some of the hack games are "playable", though I do not have them and so I cannot confirm
I've been using pcsx2 forever, whats the difference?
This explains it all
I'll try it out, Hope it works
Testing the playground version with devil may cry 1.
simply amazing.
huge difference.
All of the games (both the dot hack and the dot hack GU serieses of games) work in playground in the latest versions.
Old habits die hard - System Shock
although this is an old thread i must reply-
i still cant get Dot hack games (not GU that just works really slow) to play past the first level
when you start "the world" it WILL crash every time
tried with latest snapshot and updated plugins (SPU2X and GSDX SSE2)
I beat infection a few days ago, it works fine

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