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Doubt about Scaling
Not totally correct in this case, Koji. It's true the bandwidth is mostly important on PCSX2 but it comes before the upscale which is totally done at the GPU side. So the amount of memory and above all the processing capacity of the GPU is the main factor.

Anyway, upscaling above 4x is a total waste of resources for a very minimal image improvement, in my opinion, not worth it.

Besides, the upscale is not actually increasing details, the final texture is only as much detailed as the original, but it's smother than the pixelated and jagged original and then the upscale is advantageous. The point being that at 4x the interpolation would have done almost all meaningful adjacent points blending, further interpolation becomes almost imperceptible but the amount of resources required makes it very, very disadvantageous for greater upscale values.

PS: Finally, one should not forget the importance of the monitor's maximal resolution, whatever the upscale above it's maximal capacity will be downscaled to be ever possible to be shown. Higher upscale could make more sense for monitors able to resolutions above the most common 1080p.
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The truth is that I unknewn a lot of things about the scaling option.
Thanks Koji and nosisab Ken Keleh your answers are very useful for me.

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