Doubts problems about Lion version
Hello. I have installed the most recent (not Alpha) Lion version of PCSX2 but I had a few doubts/problems. I would like to share with you se maybe I can get my emulator running without problems.

1. When I go in Config > Graphics there's a message stating "Best Quality is off. Turn on to Speed". But I can't seem to find this "Best Quality" option. Can you clarify what exactly is this?

2. How do I quit a PS2 game I'm playing to go back to the X11 PCSX2 Interface?

3. I have a Macbook Air 11'' with 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM. I have an Intel HD Graphics 4000 video card. This configuration is OK to run PCSX2 for Mac (Lion)? I've tried to run the X-Men Legends game, but I've only managed to run at 30 FPS with a lot of Speed Hacks at the maximum level.

4.My max screen resolution is 1366x768. When I'm in the Config > Controller dialog screen I can't see the end of the dialog where the buttons "OK", "Cancel" and "Apply" are. I've even tried to use the fullscreen version of X11 with no success. This resolution is less than the minimum required to run PCSX2?

5.I've managed to use a PS3 DualShock controller with the Emulator, but one thing doesn't work well: The Left Analog stick don't work properly. I think one of the Axis is not working well. I've tried to reconfigure the Controller, but I had this issue on the screen that I mentioned in the item 4 and I am having difficulties. I'm using the OnePad plugin for the controller.

6. Is there a full manual of the Mac Lion version of the emulator? I've seen the PC Guide but not the Mac one.

7.When I run a game, in the Window bar there's a message stating "Shaders: full". There's a way to reduce this quality thus increasing the FPS rate?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for doing this incredible emulator, even so a Mac version.


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I thought X11 was killed off in Lion... anyway, I know it's not really a great solution but I'd install Boot Camp. The Mac version just isn't ported very well.
PCSX2 Mac is limited and out of date. But it can emulate at decent speeds for some games, even on Macbooks older than yours (like mine).

You'll have to experiment with the options, and sorry but that 768 resolution is going to give you some trouble with the boxes, which really are too large.

1. Some of the directions are poorly worded. That particular sentence refers to Anti-Aliasing, probably best to leave it off on your Intel HD4000.

2. Press ESC to pause the emulator and display the PCSX2 main window.

3. Your configuration should run some PS2 games at >30FPS speeds but some games vary by emulation and complexity. I haven't tried X-Men Legends.

A good standard speed setting is EE speed x 2, VU speed x 1 (or2). VU speed hacks of 3 or 4 tend to cause massive glitches and skip more frames than they render (at least for me on my older NVidia 9400M). The mVU Status Flag hack also helps with speed.

Of the three main EE speed toggles:
- IOP x 2
- INTC sync
- skip-idle loops
The first two are generally good. I've seen slowdowns with skip-idle loop but some games run better with it. You'll have to experiment.

As for graphics hacks (under Graphics -> configure), the No Render Targets hack can sometimes speed games at the cost of glitches. No Log Z helps fix missing 3D pieces, but the emulation isn't perfect no matter what.

4. Always use full-screen X11 (cleaner screen). I can't help you with the 768 resolution, but you're right - on my 13" MBP the 800 is barely enough to show the entire box.

Try using an external monitor if you have one.

5. PS3 bluetooth controllers work fine as far as I can tell (Several here). If you can't configure the controller and you think it might be broken anyway, try another.

6. No manual.

7. This is not related to a system-load or how slow a game will be but the internal status of the PS2 VU. There's no option to alter it and you and I wouldn't know what we'd be doing anyway.

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