Downloaded new beta.
Ok so i downloaded the new beta.

But i need new settings for the game: Final Fantasy X-2 .

Here are my specs:

Intel Core Duo 2.8 GHz E7400
Nvidia 9600 GT

I have the latest drivers and i have Windows 7 as well as Direct X11

I want settings for that game so that the screen doesnt flash all the time and so that i can get a hefty amount of fps to make this game playable.

Anyone that tells me epic settings will get a cookie! Smile

Thanks to anyone that replies.


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There are problems with FMVs but for the rest of the game you should maybe click one or two recomended speedhacks,not ee cycle or vu cycle,and probably in gsdy settings if you don't mind you could set to native,but that will give a little less pretty image.But that is best speedup
Thanks for the reply, but i already have that ticked, what i mean is the advanced stuff such as speedhacks and etc...

There are no settings to get rid of the FMV flashing except using GSdx software renderer (press F9 during gameplay), which will be way slower ingame after the FMV has finished than hardware. So just use SW mode of GSdx for the videos then switch back to hardware mode ingame for speed
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thanks fellow Greek Smile

Still waiting to have those good settings though.
The default settings are great for most games. Enable the recommended speedhacks for a nice boost and that's it.

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