Dragon Ball Blur

So I just got your awesome emulator and started to play Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3.
After some tweaking with the resolution I noticed that the characters are kinda blurry. When you look at the screen it feels like your eyes arent focused.
I have tried "everything" to fix this blur. Searched the forums etc. but nothing seems to work. It doesnt matter if I change the resolution. It only changes the hi def blur to a low def blur. I also tried "the skipdraw thing". With no success.
The game runs perfectly fine otherwise. Is there someone or something that could cure this horrifying blur?!
In the screenshot you clearly see what Im talking about by looking at his hair and chest.

Thanks in advance!

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I don't see what's so blurry about it. The 3D models look fine to me. The background is blurry, but that's because it's part of the GUI; it doesn't get upscaled as well by turning up the resolution.

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