Dragon Ball Z Infinity World starting new game problem!
I have a problem with starting the Dragon Ball Infinity World. Everything looks good, Goku is climbing up the tower, I have all the intros/logos, but when I want to start a new game all I can see is Select, Confirm and Cancel, and I can't select anything. All I am able to do is go back to the main menu with New Game and Load Game.
Here's a screenshot:


Please, help me!

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what is your GSdx settings?

ALT+print screen your GSdx settings window then paste it on paint or photoshop
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press select then chose new game then x
Hmm... Actually I was just pushing wrong button Laugh It's everything OK now. Thanks anyway and sorry for bothering you. Smile
Hi guys, i realize this thread is very old but i have this problem and i pressed EVERYTHING on my keyboard and nothing happened here are my settings

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