Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3. Work good only on old GSdx?
Hi, I want to know a thing.
Why Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3 work good only with old versions of GSdx? I have tried with latest GSdx and PG versions (also beta), but there is always same problem.
All is good, but when I go in Battle Screen, there are strange colors and screen is too bright.
With old versions of plugin, like 0.1.3, all is good, but with new versions (0.1.13, 0.1.14, and previous) there is that problem.
See the attached picture.
In the bottom of screen, colors are normal, but in the top side, is too bright.

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My PC: i5-3570K, 8 Gb DDR3, GTX295, Windows 7 Home Premium 64.

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Another example of bad graphic in DBZ Tenkaichi 3.

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My PC: i5-3570K, 8 Gb DDR3, GTX295, Windows 7 Home Premium 64.
Try NTSC version of that game. For me it works good on gsdx 0.1.14 and pcsx2-r478.
I think if you have a PAL version of a game you want to play in that version, not the NTSC, and for this the best plugin for the game is the version gsdx 0.1.5 (I use this), under DX9. If you use DX10, the errors mentioned above appeared. After this version if you use PAL versions of the game the screen flickers a lot, i think this is a Plugin "bug" not a PCSX2 failure, because in gsdx 0.1.5 runs fine. But you need more CPU power.

NOTE (maybe offtopic): I have converted Tenkaichi 2 PAL into NTSC, and the result was, the characters are fully black, using the latest gsdx plugin, for that reason I don't like to reconvert games, is best to wait a "best" plugin or use an old but without more mistakes plugin.
how do you convert it into a ntsc???
About Your question, it's special tool to do that.
But converting it's not good solution. After converting pal into ntsc game still works poor on new gsdx. You should try get normal ntsc version.

Sorry for my bad English.
I forget to say a thing... in DX10 mode, in ALL versions of GSDX plugins, the shadows of trees are "messed" in Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3, in DX9 the shadows are correct, but in the newer versions, all is a lot dark. I continue to think, the best option is use GSDX 0.1.5, the latest stable version for this game. Ah!, in DX9 mode, of course!.
The DX10 version of the latest GSdx works great for me in this game(NTSC).
Well maybe I forget (other time) to say I'm talking about the PAL version of the game, and if you don't want to "convert / transform" your game, the best plugin is gsdx 0.1.5 in DX9.

There is a program that can convert NTSC to PAL and viceversa, if I apply in a PAL game the conversion "NTSC to PAL" (strange but works) this fix the flikering in PAL version and the game works like a NTSC game but at 50 fps, with the latest plugin 0.1.14, but the shadows in DX10 in the trees are "strange", compared with the same shadows of the trees in DX9. Maybe this could FIX other games with the annoying flickering bug?

The tree shadow mess are easy to see... try the Greenfield scenario in DX10 and try the same scenario with DX9 (if you can see it with the latest plugin, the image is too dark!). Or a Namek Scenario (not the destroyed version). The second picture of Sigfried.m is an exemple of this, look the trees!, I think the only difference between NTSC and PAL versions of this game are the diferent FPS (50 pal, 60 ntsc) and the flikering in PAL. But the DBZ Tenkaichi 2 PAL doesn't have flikering!!!.

In GSDX software mode the game works fine, the PAL version, but not fine for the speed, one thing for the other...
i have the same problem so how we can solve it ? it is really heart my eyes

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