Dragon Quest 5 Camera issues in Mt. Evil (Final Dungeon)
With pcsx2 default settings, and regardless of wide screen hacks being enabled or not, the outside area of Mt. Evil seems to have massive camera issues in pcsx2 1.2.0, making it impossible to navigate because the camera is placed inside the mountain instead of above.

It happens in hardware and software rendering and should look like this:

I also tried pcsx2-r5350.exe and gsdx32-avx-r5350.dll from the 1.0 release with the same problem. As you can see on the sky texture, the camera is placed much lower then it should be, which is causing heavy glitches. Speedhacks are disabled and the problem also happens in software rendering and native resolution.

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The game amended FPU Negtive Div Hack to hook on to solve

[Image: 20150222_5d301b095b710c2a3cdf3oFqsLTo1dJX.png]

[Image: 20150222_a9ff45858db05ca07f0b4bwHPkngSBME.png]

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