Dragon Quest 5 fan translation bug fixes.
I'm part of a team that has almost completed a fan translation of Dragon Quest 5 for PS2. We may release the translation in a couple of months.

It seems that the game is almost fully playable in PCSX2 except for a couple crashes with music and a window priority issue. (top windows display below some other windows making the menus very difficult to navigate).

So I'm here to request help in the possibility of fixing the last few issues before we release. Any PCSX2 developers who are are interested will receive a beta to work with.

Thanks for any help we can get.


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The music issue sounds like a dma problem we often get.
Fixing that won't be happening before your release I'm afraid.
I can however take a look at the window priority issue.
What I need for that is a GS dump of a scene that shows it.
(Ctrl + shift + F8 creates one. Hold these 3 keys for a second. The dump wil be in /snap or /snaps. Compress with 7zip on "ultra" setting.)

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