Dragon Quest 8 - Can't see Godbird Shadow in softare mode
Hey everyone,

First post of mine in this forum - I'm in a bit of a tough spot.

I have PCSX2 1.0, and no matter what graphical settings I try for Dragon Quest 8, I cannot get the Godbird shadow to display at the stage in the game where you have to chase it around. Even if I use software mode, it fixes some shadows, but the Godbird shadow is still nowhere to be found.

Any ideas?

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Use the skipdraw hack, maybe 1 to 10. I'm playing it in these times, and when I was at that point in
the game a while back, it showed up but not before I had walked around the arch for a while.
It can help to walk further away from that arch and back.
And don't forget to wait for it, if it is far away when the game thinks your at the right spotSmile
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