Dragon Quest 8 - Empyrea's Shadow
Okay I've gone over the forum's and even changed to different version of PCSX2(1.0.0 , 1.1.0 , , I only came across 3 solutions to this issue non of them worked. I have already done the switch between hardware and software in video settings I have also set skipdraw to 1. Not even a giant square shows up. I want to make this clear that is is not a hardware issue so don't bother bring it up. All I need to know is what do I need to do inorder to see Empyrea's Shadow.

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I'm at the village right next to the arch where you are supposed to chase the "godbird's Shadow" (Empyrea's Shadow) as I stated before the shadow isn't showing up. if someone knows the proper configuration in order to get the shadow to show up please post it. I'm now going into the archives to see if any of the older versions of PCSX2 actual had this working at one point. note:0.9.8 and 0.9.2 don't work so much for your wiki and compatibility list.
after digging threw graveyards i found a gsdx 1.7 and as a result got the shadow to show up it's in slowmo cause it's such an old plugin but it works

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