Dragon Quest 8 Freezing During Geyzer Fight
Basically in the first round of the right after I select my attack, and My characters attack Geyzer, when the camera goes to Geyzer for his attack, before he can attack it freezes. I have tried waiting it out but it won't fix itself like other freezes in game. Every time I restart the save state it freezes at about the same time, but not the exact time each time, for example sometimes it freezes right after my character does his action. I have tried restarting. The game was bought used from amazon and I am playing from the disk using the cdvdGigaherz(r5822) 0.8.0 [cdvdGigaherz] plugin. No errors appear on the program log.

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Load from a memory card and not a save state.

And make an ISO of the disc with IMGBURN and use that. It will be faster anyway.
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That fight works fine, I would do as blyss says and remake the iso with imgburn and dont use save state if it happen everytime with save state as it could be corrupt .
Thanks guys it worked when I transferred the ISO file!

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