Dragon Quest 8 Help With Cheat Needed

I have Dragon Quest 8 PAL version, and since it's my 3+ playthrough I decided to pop it into emulator and cheat a bit with clear conscience. I'm using these cheats:
gametitle=Dragon Quest VIII: The Journey of the cursed King (E) [SLES_539.74] [945FBF31]

//Alchemy Pot Always Ultimate

//Unlock All Alchemy Recipes

//Max Gold

//Money On Hand Does Not Decrease

//Have Full Teleport List

//Max Agility (works fine,finally)
//patch=1,EE,10409BA2,extended,000003E6 //Hero
//patch=1,EE,10409CDA,extended,00000320    //Angelo, the 320 are 800 Agility points
//patch=1,EE,10409C72,extended,00000350    //Jessica          848
//patch=1,EE,10409C0A,extended,00000300    //Yangus          768

//Experience Multipler Codes. It even displays the exact Exp you gain after battle.




//Enemies Always Drop Rare Items

//50/50 Chance Of Normal Or Rare Drop

//Earn Skill Points Per Level x2

//Allocated Skill Points Multiplier x2

//Never Sick
patch=1,EE,20409CC8,extended,00000000    //Angelo
patch=1,EE,20409B90,extended,00000000    //Hero
patch=1,EE,20409C60,extended,00000000    //Jessica
patch=1,EE,20409BF8,extended,00000000    //Yangus

//Ininity MP (works fine)
patch=1,EE,20409CB4,extended,000003E7    //Angelo
patch=1,EE,20409B7C,extended,000003E7    //Hero
patch=1,EE,20409C4C,extended,000003E7    //Jessica
patch=1,EE,20409BE4,extended,000003E7    //Yangus

//NO Random Battles(to undo the code you need to save in the normal way and
//load it through the normal way or else even if you disable the encounter codes it will still be on)

//Have All Main & Key Items In Bag (it ***** works^^)

//Bag Item Modifier
//patch=1,EE,10409DD0,extended,0000???? //Slot 1
//patch=1,EE,10409DD4,extended,0000???? //Slot 2
//patch=1,EE,10409DD8,extended,0000???? //Slot 3

//Item Digits(the usefull stuff only)
//0008 - Uber Falcon Blade
//0011 - Liquid Metal Sword
//0016 - Dragovian King Sword
//002F - Hero Spear
//0030 - Metal King Spear
//0034 - Metal Wing Boomerang
//003F - Conqueror's Axe
//0044 - Uber War Hammer
//0046 - Megaton Hammer
//0048 - Flail of Destruction
//0051 - Gringham Whip(best whip)
//0056 - Hell Scythe
//0065 - Odin's Bow
//007B - Dangerous Bustier
//007C - Divine Bustier
//0094 - Liquid Metal Armour
//0095 - Dragovian Armour
//0096 - Metal King Armour
//00BA - Dragovian Shield
//00BB - Metal King Shield
//00DC - Dragovian Helm
//00DD - Sun Crown
//00DE - Metal King Helm
//00E1 - Meteorite Bracer(+50 agility)
//0113 - Yggdrasil Dew
//0118 - Elfin Elixir
//011C - Seed of Strength
//011D - Seed of Agility
//011E - Seed of Defence
//011F - Seed of Wisdom
//0120 - Seed of Skill
//0121 - Seed of Life
//0122 - Seed of Magic
//0127 - Ultimate Key
//012D - Baumren's Bell
//0167 - Godbird's Soulstone
I don't use them all, only a select few but I used the "Have All Main & Key Items In Bag" to check the codes and it works (bam! full bag) so they must be working. But my peeve lies with the "50/50 Chance Of Normal Or Rare Drop" code. I'm not entirely clear on how it's supposed to work. I think it should always give me either normal or rare drop at the end of a battle. But it doesn't do that. So I scoured the internet in search of a cheat that would give me a 100% item drop chance and here's the only one I found: link
I tried to convert the code to pnach type, but I must've done something wrong because it doesn't work either. This is what I got after conversion:
//100% drop rate

Please, if someone has a working code for 100% item drop chance could you post it here? I know I can just use the full bag cheat, but where's the fun in that?

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Umm, so does anyone know the 100% drop rate cheat? Or if the 50/50 works, then how is it supposed to work? It feels like the monsters drop items a bit more often, but not always. If I get it right:
- killing a group of monsters gives better odds of item drop
- threatening monsters gives the chance foe each individual monster to drop an item, so if scaring off 8 monsters could potentially give you 8 items
I'd love it if the threat method worked all of the time. Basically the only cheats I use are ultimate alchemy pot and 50/50 Chance Of Normal Or Rare Drop. I don't want to use other cheats because it ruins the experience of the game, and this is IMO the best game on PS2. All I'm doing is help myself a bit so I can finally collect every item/recipe/monster info. Normally you can't get all items without cheating. Well, you can but with the abysmal drop rate getting orichalcums will take eons.
C'mon, anyone? This cheat is driving me crazy. I don't know how to make that 50/50 cheat work anyway.
Do I have to do a full boot? (I always use fast)
Does the cheat become valid only at a certain point in the game? (I'm at Port Prospect ATM)
Is that cheat supposed to make monsters drop items all the time with a 50/50 chance between normal and rare?
That other cheat is for NTSC version and I don't know how to convert it to PAL. I tried but it kinda messes up the game so I did something wrong.

Can someone PLEASE give me an answer? Here's a pic of Yangus to motivate you:
[Image: 10e4p3n.jpg]

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