Dragon Quest VIII
So, the game runs at full speed up until the hamster runs up to the green guy and the people start talking. My PC specs are as follows in the attatchment.

Is my PC just too slow to run this game? I would overclock, but I have stock cooling setup, and currently can't change that.

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hmmm... how is it that you have your DDR3 RAM @ 533MHz? i thought DDR3 was minimum of 1066MHz....
i know, off topic, but i am curious+^_^+
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^ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_data_rate

Your CPU is slow for DQ8, the result is normal. Your GPU didn't help either, make sure you stick with native.
Ah, alright. I'll stick with other games, then. Freakin' PS2 had to go out...
@ naoan, so when my crucial says "DDR3 1600MHz" it really means 800MHz... how... disappointing+^_^+
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