Dragon Quest VIII - Inventory bug?
I am playing Dragon Quest VIII - Journey of the Cursed King and I have received several items like leather shield, copper sword and things like that. They are not in my inventory to equip but in the select button inventory I can view them. Here are some screen shots...

[Image: Dragon_Quest_pcsx2_bug2.png]
[Image: Dragon_Quest_pcsx2_bug.png]

In the first image you can see that only one sword shows up and in the second picture you can see I have two swords. I assume this is a pcsx2 problem? Does anyone know how to fix this because I am not able to progress in the game if I can not equip new items.

Also I am using pcsx2 v 1.0.0 with all the default setting/plugins except for being able to use my PS3 controller.

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You equip stuff you carry on the items tab.
Those items are probably in the Bag. The Dragon Quest games have 2 seperate inventories. One for each character, and one universal bag for the party. You need to move stuff from the Bag to each member (assuming they're inside the bag), so check it out first.

Under the items Tab (weapons are also listed as items):

Hero << Check in here

Bag << Check in here too

It's most likely not a bug. Just a little mistake.
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wow I feel dumb now, did not know I could go down to the bottom and click on that bag. I tried before but guess I did not do it right. Thanks guys and sorry for not knowing. PyroBunta you earned rep.

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