Dragon Quest VIII: Obtaining the Gospel Ring before 100%
So I figure there must be some way to make a patch or something to obtain this from the start, since I've seen plenty of similar cheats, but so far I've found more "shut off encounters all together" ones than ones that give you the ring for... reasons I don't get.
Quote://Bag Item Modifier
//patch=1,EE,10409AD0,extended,0000???? //Slot 1
//patch=1,EE,10409AD4,extended,0000???? //Slot 2
//patch=1,EE,10409AD8,extended,0000???? //Slot 3
I did manage to find this, on the first page of the patches thread, but I can't figure out the code needed to make one of the slots a gospel ring, plus when I tried with other items it seemed to give an unending infinite stack, which seems like it might lead to a bit of glitchiness(if I'm wrong about that, then I just need to figure out the correct item code).
Anyone able to help me out?

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You can try this tool instead on your save
Actually... hmm. I wonder if turning off the cheat after using it once will make the items non infinite?
In that case... I just need to figure out how to turn the hex ID(I think that's the term?) "E700" in to something compatible with those I quoted.
edit: yep, looks like I just needed to turn them off after. Oops.
Try saving the game(the normal way),disable the cheats,restart pcsx2 and load your save(not save state)
So that just leaves learning how to translate this stuff... do I just need to use one of those cheats to pnach converters to get the numbers I need to get the code to work on the specific item for me?

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