Dragon Quest VIII OpenGL Black Lines & more.
Whenever i try to play Dragon Quest, at 4x native with OpenGL as my Renderer I get these weird black lines on the side of the window, and they slowly expand. 
[img][Image: 5juq10.jpg][/img]

Another thing is whenever I try to get rid of the text artifacts (enabling HW Hacks) the Hero's head goes transparent to his bandanna (Near his hair). Isn't a huge issue, just kind of bugs me at times.

[img][Image: 294httw.jpg][/img]

Also, when I play in fullscreen there is a lot of screen tearing, It drives me crazy.

If someone could help me that'd be great, Thank you!  Biggrin

CPU: Intel Core 17-6700k

GPU: GTX 1060 6GB

OS: Windows 10 Home

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I managed to reduce the problem with OpenGl putting the zoom on 103.00 (you see less black lines) with only Preload Frame Data (prevent some texture glitches) and Round Sprite on Half (to remove text artifacts) enabled in hacks menu and CRC hack level on Partial. But the problem still appears randomly but much less noticeable.

And the only problem with Directx11 Hardware is the missing shadows, otherwise the game works perfectly.

Is someone working to fix the shadows ?

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