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Dragon Quest VIII PAL Cheats Issue [CRC 945FBF31]
I'm trying to use cheats in DQ8 (mainly EXP and infinite HP/MP) and the ones I found on this site only partially work. I read that the PAL cheats are just converted from the US ones but is there a list of PAL (or CRC 945FBF31) cheats available anywhere? Alternatively I found a random 2500 EXP cheat on this which works but a cheat with a higher amount would be great. Is there any way or where I can get a cheat like that? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Apologies if I'm breaking any rules by posting this here, I literally made an account for this lol.

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I found these. Master/Enable codes are not needed.

"Dragon Quest VIII: Journey Of The Cursed King (PAL)"
Enable Code
90119B90 0C04668C
Alt Enable Code
9038D4B0 0C04C3F4
All Attributes
20207B14 24020001
20207B34 24020001
Infinite Gold
20409B40 05F5E0FF
Receive 999 Items when Buying Some (In Bag)
2020706C 240303E7
202070BC 240303E7
No Random Battles (L3 ON, R3 OFF)
D03FAFB4 00000200
20302394 00000000
D03FAFB4 00000400
20302394 14A00003
In Battle Codes
Infinite Health
202A1F3C 0C03FFC0
200FFF00 240503E8
200FFF04 AE050004
200FFF08 AE050008
200FFF0C 03E00008
Infinite MP
202A1F3C 0C03FFC0
200FFF00 240503E8
200FFF10 A605000E
200FFF0C 03E00008
Experience After Battle Codes
100 X
20369170 24010064
20369174 AC410000
20369178 AFA100D0
1000 X
20369170 240103E8
20369174 AC410000
20369178 AFA100D0
9999 X
20369170 2401270F
20369174 AC410000
20369178 AFA100D0
Hero Size Modifier Codes
Paper Thin
20B65888 3E000000
Tiny Hero
20B65880 3F000000
20B65884 3F000000
20B65888 3F000000
Giant hero
20B65880 3FC00000
20B65884 3FC00000
20B65888 3FC00000
Misc Codes
All Items x999
40409DD2 018C0001
000003E7 00000000
Max/Infinite Money
20409B40 05F5E0FF
Max/Infinite Casino Money
2040ED50 05F5E0FF
Max/Infinite Bank Money
2040A594 05F5DD18
Full Teleport List
20409390 FFFFFFFF
00409394 000000FF
Max/Have all 384 items (includes Key)
40409DD0 01800001
03E00001 00000001
Max/Have all 337 Main Items
40409DD0 01510001
03E00001 00000001
4 Characters (Quest mode)
00409B44 0000000F
Character Stats Hero
Max HP
20409B70 000003E7
20409B74 000003E7
Max MP
20409B78 000003E7
20409B7C 000003E7
Max Lvl
00409B80 00000062
20409B88 05F5E0FF
Never Sick
20409B90 00000000
Max Strength
10409BA0 000003E7
Max Agility
10409BA2 000003E7
Max Resilience
10409BA4 000003E7
Max Wisdom
10409BA6 000003E7
Max Skill points
Max Sword
10409BAA 000003E7
Max Spears
10409BAC 000003E7
Max Boomerangs
10409BAE 000003E7
Max Fisticuffs
10409BB0 000003E7
Max Courage
10409BB2 000003E7
Character Stats Yangus
Max HP
20409BD8 000003E7
20409BDC 000003E7
Max MP
20409BE0 000003E7
20409BE4 000003E7
Max Lvl
10409BE8 00000062
20409BF0 05F5E0FF
Never Sick
20409BF8 00000000
Max Strength
10409C08 000003E7
Max Agility
10409C0A 000003E7
Max Resilience
10409C0C 000003E7
Max Wisdom
10409C0E 000003E7
Max Skill points
Max Sword
10409C12 000003E7
Max Spears
10409C14 000003E7
Max Boomerangs
10409C16 000003E7
Max Fisticuffs
10409C18 000003E7
Max Courage
10409C1A 000003E7
Character Stats Jessica
Max HP
20409C40 000003E7
20409C44 000003E7
Max MP
20409C48 000003E7
20409C4C 000003E7
Max Lvl
10409C50 00000062
20409C58 05F5E0FF
Never Sick
20409C60 00000000
Max Strength
10409C70 000003E7
Max Agility
10409C72 000003E7
Max Resilience
10409C74 000003E7
Max Wisdom
10409C76 000003E7
Max Skill points
Max Sword
10409C7A 000003E7
Max Spears
10409C7C 000003E7
Max Boomerangs
10409C7E 000003E7
Max Fisticuffs
10409C80 000003E7
Max Courage
10409C82 000003E7
Character Stats Angelo
Max HP
20409CA8 000003E7
20409CAC 000003E7
Max MP
20409CB0 000003E7
20409CB4 000003E7
Max Lvl
10409CB8 00000062
20409CC0 05F5E0FF
Never Sick
20409CC8 00000000
Max Strength
10409CD8 000003E7
Max Agility
10409CDA 000003E7
Max Resilience
10409CDC 000003E7
Max Wisdom
10409CDE 000003E7
Max Skill Points
Max Sword
10409CE2 000003E7
Max Spears
10409CE4 000003E7
Max Boomerangs
10409CE6 000003E7
Max Fisticuffs
10409CE8 000003E7
Max Courage
10409CEA 000003E7
Max Stats All Codes
Max Str
202054B0 10000061
Max Agi
202054C0 1000005F
Max Res
202054D0 1000005D
Max Wis
202054E0 1000005B
Max HP
20205500 10000057
Max MP
20205510 10000055
Max ?
202054F0 10000059
Max Weapon Stats
2020766C 08081DB1
20207670 240303E7
Battle Log
Battles x999
2040A840 000003E7
Monsters Defeated x999
2040A844 000003E7
Victories x999
2040A84C 000003E7
Times Fled x999
2040A854 000003E7
Times Wiped Out x999
2040A858 000003E7
Total Gold Obtained x999
2040A85C 000003E7
Distance Travelled x999
2040A870 000003E7
Maximum Damage In A Turn x999
2040A874 000003E7
Have All Collected Items List
4040A5A8 00120001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Monster Book Full
4040A8A0 01270008
0000270F 00000000
4040A8A8 01270008
00630063 00000000
Alchemy Pot Upgrade Modifier
Regular (2 Slots, Normal Time)
0040929E 00000001
Improved (3 Slots, Normal Time)
0040929E 00000002
Ultimate (3 Slots, Instantaneous)
0040929E 00000003
Unlock All Alchemy Recipes (Works From beginning)
4040EB80 00320001
FFFFFFFF 00000000

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