Dragon Quest VIII - Plugin suggestions / settings
Hey guys, I am running DQ8 on the newest release of Pcsx2 [0.9.7]. The furthest I have played the game on the emulator so far is to the beginning area where your character is first able to be controlled.

I am getting a solid 60 FPS there using the DX9 [SSE 4.1] GSDS plugin.
Here are my settings..

1280x1024 internal rez
no interlacing
Logoarithmatic Z is on
Texture filering on
Alpha correction on
8bti texture off

No game hacks on.
No game fixes on.
Sound is at default.

Game is ran via ISO option.

Using the DX10 version of GSDS my framerate gets neutered to about 1/3rd of the DX9 release, why I dont know. But that is not my question..

My question is, what is the best settings to run this game at. I would like to be able to bump the internal res up to 2k/2k if possible, while @ 60 FPS. Right now this is not possible, my fps goes to half [31ish] when trying that. I know this game is GPU limited, so if I cant reach that target then that is not a big deal.

But any tweaks that are known for this game, please post them! And also, what is a good FPS to aim for at the beginning area with FPS limit off...So i can avert any slowdown later in towns or what not. That is what im really after, as I am going to play this on TV out and getting sudden lag spikes due to GPU lagging on the framerate would get annoying fast.

Here are my system specs btw-
E8500 @ 4.2ghz
5gb ddr2 ram @ 800 mhz
single HD4850 gpu

Thanks in advance.

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use the scaling option inside gsdx and put it as high as you can (probably you can around x3) without getting big slowdowns. you can do nothing if the botleneck is the gpu... there is no tweaking in pcsx2...
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