-First I want to apologize for my english, 
I'm on MacBookPro. I tried PCSX2 for mac but it's very very slow so I used my Parallels Deskop's Windows Partition (Windows 7 SP1 x64).

-I use Direct X9 because DX11 doesn't work.

- As you can see on the picture, this is my MacBook's Config :[img][Image: 2w2ljck.jpg][/img]

- There is my Plugin PCSX2 config : [img][Image: 2qa7d51.jpg][/img]

- And there is my DX9 VIDEO Config : [img][Image: t0k9xh.png][/img]

What kind of configuration can you propose me to stop theses bugs ??? The game is very slow it's boring ...

Thank you for you consideration guys

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What are EE% and GS% values during slowdowns?
(11-10-2015, 12:53 PM)willkuer Wrote: What are EE% and GS% values during slowdowns?

[img][Image: 346suw5.png][/img]

EE : Between 10 and 40% 
GS : Between 30 and 50%

My moves are very slow ..
please screenshot all emulation (core) settings and post the full emulog after you observed the problem.

What happens if you set internal resolution to native instead of 2x native?
install bootcamp + windows.
you'll get near playable speeds this way, but keep in mind your hardware, especially GPU, is quite weak for pcsx2 (and this particular game is quite GPU taxing)
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My Q6600 @ 3.4GHZ and 280 even had issues running it. On my current system, it was still pretty intensive. Game is graphically impressive for the system, so yeah.
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You may have to stick with 1x IR with the integrated Intel graphics.
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I use to try to play this on e8400 and 9800gt which still better then that intel solution, and lagged horrible at just 2x and if i threw AA in there it out right turned the game in to slideshow. even when I switched from e8400 to i7 920 the 9800gt didnt cut it, not till i rma'ed that 9800gt (card died) for 450gts did i get acceptable framerates.

I know have i7 920 and 660gtx and parts of the game still drop under 60fps with x3 and fxaa.

mind you this was without having to emulator windows within mac os. this game is both cpu demanding and gpu demanding.

Short of making sure you have laptop/macbook set to max power I would not expect much
Thank's everyone for your help !

I try with Bootcamp and I come back Smile

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