Dragon Quest VIII Savestate
I've tried with a variety of GSdx versions, settings (dx10 and dx9), independently with every speed hack off or on, and every advanced setting off or on. The game runs beautifully for me. Loading a savestate yields a black screen (audio continues). I've become dependent upon savestates as one of the main reasons to use this emulator over my PS2 -- is there any recourse?

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Disabling MTGS solves this (and makes the game unplayably slow Sad ). Moving on...
Wait a bit until you load your savestate on startup (let the movie start).
I first noticed this problem when escaping to change graphic settings -- re-executing also shows a black screen with sound, and loading state loaded to a black screen with sound. It seems that, with MTGS enabled, pausing/restarting emulation at any point, or loading a savestate (I'm assuming they use similar mechanisms), causes a black screen with sound.
If you load the state while or after the memory card check screen it will be ok.
If you try to change GSdx hardware mode to software mode while ingame by pressing F9 it will cause the black screen too.
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