Dragon quest 8 Problem
ok i ripped my Dragon quest 8 game and want to play on my pc and no matter the settings when the characters tell something that happened to the past the color on the cutscene is meant to be browny color but all i get is a browny screen with 2 black lines on the side

can u tell me what i can do to prevent this

is there a way to use zerogs with no graphic problems as i get where some objects on screen is totally wrong

what should be ticked on the graphic plugin



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It seems to be a known issue, there's a report about it:


I'd try running them with a (software) renderer in GSdx to see if there's a difference (F9 ingame) or ZeroGS/ZZOGL plugins.
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zerogs i cant get how to make the characters look normal and in gsdx the game runs really slow
Yeah as I said just try the (software) renderer for the FMVs and (Hardware) for normal playing, did the FMVs show with ZeroGS or GSdx (Software)? I'm curious.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
i didnt get that far as it was way too slow
Use native resolution in Gsdx. DQ8 runs pretty fast without any glitches with that.
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i always use native its fast with hardware slow with software
There is a solution better than native. Force 512 x 512 in the graphics options.
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