Dragon quest 8 error texture
I have this error and i don´t know how to fix:

(black textures on many things)

But it also happens in other objects: limos with black, 100-level mentalizing aure...

this is me config:

P.D: sorry for me english is google translator.

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Hi there.
Try using native resolution in GSDX.
If that doesn't work try Software rendering mode.
Good luck.
hum ok tomorow i chek and later edit this post.

I forgot to mention if you go for software rendering mode make sure to set your rendering threads in the GSDX settings to 1 less than your cpu has cores. i.e. for a quad core set it to 3 rendering threads. Gl.
nothing, the problem is not resolved

What else I can do?
Hrm, it looks like the game is playable with 0.9.6 with a lot of tweaking but that's as far as the bug report got. http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Bug-Repor...Quest-VIII
Can you do me a favor and try the game with the latest SVN build here: http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/
Extract it to a new separate folder.
Also I forgot to ask what version you're using. 0.9.8 is the latest release. You should try it first.
With the new version, if I use software D9, texture is fixed but it's going very very slow. Sad
Sorry, which version are you using now? If it's the SVN build I linked you can try turning on the MTVU speedhack in the emulation settings if you have a multi-core cpu (3+ cores more specifically) and see if that gives you some more performance. If that helps and you still need more speed try your speedhacks slider at the bottom of your emu settings then untick the slider and check MTVU as it's not included in the preset. Test them one by one. You may get false fps readings when you get into the more aggressive hacks so you're best bet is to eyeball it. Let me know how you go, good luck.

P.S. Software mode will be pretty slow compared to hardware so I doubt we can reach max speed.
Nothing, i can not play with sofware, very slow all. thz for the help i go to play with this bug xD

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