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Dragon's Lair 3D control problem
I just tried "Dragon's Lair 3D Special Edition" but I can not start the game.

There are 4 options on the main screen:
Start Game
Load Game

Unfortunately I can only select "Load Game" and "Gallery" with the joystick. But not "Start Game" or "Options".

Is there a trick to select "Start Game"???

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Are you using the latest svn?????
Try might work for you....
and configure your key mappings properly in lilypad
Intel core i5 3210m @3.1ghz
Nvidia Geforce GT650m 2Gb DDR5 (Core:975mhz/Memory:1000mhz)Cool
8Gb DDR3 1600hmz Ram
1Tb Hdd
1600x900 Hd resolutionBiggrin
Windows 8.1 64bit

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